Flexibility is essential for maintaining a competitive edge in today's business world, and nowhere is this more true than within the field of information technology (IT). TSR offers IT strategic staffing services that allow our clients to leverage their business efficiencies with good economic sense.

Our base of experienced, skilled personnel allows us to tailor our services to provide client-specific technology support— whether implementing new solutions, optimizing current environments, performing technology refresh and upgrades, or providing day-to-day customized technical support. The outcome is a reduction in costs associated with hiring, training, and administering permanent personnel; and an optimal personnel level that maximizes cost savings and increases efficiency and morale for your permanent staff.

TSR Areas of IT Expertise:

Network Management

TSR manages network functions by controlling, planning, allocating, deploying,and coordinating the resources of each network.

Desktop Support

We supply technical, personable support to microcomputer users: answering questions, installing and configuring software and hardware, and performing hardware maintenance when needed.

Legacy System Support

If you have substantial investment in older or obsolete systems that are still vital to the continued operation of your business, TSR can help your legacy system(s) continue operating effectively.

PC Staging / Rollout

TSR supplies the technical and professional resources needed to uniquely configure and setup PC software and hardware for future roll-outs.

Proactive Line Monitoring

We offer end-to-end performance monitoring, analysis, and trouble management for telecommunications networks.

Managed Broadband Internet Services

TSR enables organizations to provide their employees with secure, reliable broadband internet access without the burden of having to manage the network themselves.