TSR employs best practices to aid organizations in improving their total Telecommunications Expense Management (TEM) initiatives. Inventorying assets, optimizing provider services, automating invoice reconciliation and recovery, and employing cost recovery and dispute resolution techniques are just a few of the ways TSR can focus on eliminating unnecessary telecom costs. At the heart of our TEM solution is our tele-management process and our fully integrated, patented Telecom Expense Management software product, CircuitPro.

Our operational insight stems from working with an extensive customer base and honing our award-winning TEM services for over 20 years. We offer an all-inclusive suite of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services that manage and optimize the life cycle of both fixed and mobile telecom assets.

TSR's Telecom Expense Management


Companies with strong telecom expense management have greater visibility and control over the telecom lifecycle and related expenditure, allowing them to streamline their telecom operations and dramatically reduce costs. TSR's TEM services are designed to help your organization:

  • Control and reduce costs on an average of three to 50 percent with proactive management of your voice, data, and mobile spending.  Your savings potentials vary by TSR competency.
  • Reduce complexity through integrated and automated TEM processes.
  • Manage your telecommunications environment by providing experienced TSR telecom expense management specialists.
  • Gain credits through monthly validation and dispute of telecom billing errors.
  • Enhance your visibility and control over telecommunication expenses through business intelligence reporting.


Baseline Audit

Change is good, especially if it leads to better telecom policies and more accountability.  But unchecked changes can result in chaos.  Before you can start tracking change, you first need an acceptable baseline for a reference point to compare with ongoing activity. If you believe your telecom asset inventory is neither accurate nor current, TSR can identify your telecom services, expenses, and devices with comprehensive detail.

Sourcing Management

Sourcing consists of identifying telecom carriers, evaluating their capacities, and creating an environment for carriers to compete in pricing, service quality, and reliability. TSR can pursue opportunities for you to lower costs, achieve flexible service terms, and define effective service level agreements. 

Inventory Management

At the center of TEM is your telecom inventory.  TSR ensures that you pay only for what you use by automatically tracking changes to products, rates, and activities; validating inventory against invoices and contracts; and tying expenses back to the appropriate cost centers or users. 

Provisioning & Order Management

Once you have an inventory, it is critical to keep it accurate.  The way to do this is to create a best practice, repeatable process to order assets, add them to a centralized inventory, and track them until they are no longer viable. TSR technology automates and manages this end-to-end order lifecycle to optimize operational efficiency.

Invoice & Contract Management

Telecom invoices often are delivered by separate carriers, under separate contracts, in multiple formats, using varying billing cycles.  This complex environment can lead to invoices simply being paid with little or no validation. TSR manually and systematically verifies telecom invoices, consolidating them by carrier and determining if contractual changes can help minimize client costs.

Dispute Management & Recovery

TSR's dispute management process allows us to track every telecom dispute from identification through resolution.  Any credits that result from the disputes are linked to the dispute record, which remains open and active until credits are received. Our integrated dispute management accelerates credit recovery time, allowing us to recover lost dollars fast.

Usage Management

TSR's CircuitPro software identifies costs and usage from detailed invoice data. Usage is tracked to allocate costs by individual, cost center, department, location, division, and various other categories across the organization.  Usage management is essential in rate plan optimization and can also help identify abuse of company resources.

Service and Device Optimization

Telecom and IT technology is continually advancing, making valuable new capabilities available to businesses. At the same time, it is becoming increasingly complex and difficult to track these services, options and opportunities. TSR has the experience, capabilities and resources to ensure that your company has the optimal telecom and IT services and equipment.

Invoice Consolidation & Payment

Bill consolidation combines all your telecom bills into a set of clear summary reports which can be used to manage telecom cost and payment processes. If desired, TSR can also take charge of your carrier payment. We will invoice you for the total amount of money we will be disbursing; you can pay for all your telecom services with a single check; and we will ensure all carrier payments are made on time.

Reporting & Business Intelligence

The Reporting & Business Intelligence component of our TEM solution enables organizations to make better and faster decisions about their voice, data, and mobile networks. Enterprises need a big picture perspective to spot trends as well as the ability to identify low level data variances. TSR can bring that broad and deep value to your organization.

Help Desk Support

TSR also offers a comprehensive tele-management Help Desk service. Not only are our provisioning and billing specialists skilled in proactively mitigating potential problems, our dedicated Help Desk technicians are also providing immediate service.  Based in the USA, our technicians stay in constant contact with your users to ensure problems are remedied as expected.