Comprehensive Telecom Solutions


Telecom auditing gives you the detailed knowledge you need to help your business operate in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible. Unfortunately, the expertise to manage, reduce, and control telecom expenses is enormously inadequate for most organizations. Many companies delegate telecom bill audits to their IT staff or, if they have one, their telecom staff. These departments, however, often have the least amount of time to accurately and consistently audit the volume of complex billing that arrives on a daily basis.

Since 1994, TSR has been committed to providing both commercial and government clients with auditing solutions that have substantially reduced operational telecommunications budgets.

Bill Audit Process r1

Tailored to each client, our telecom audits promise to identify and resolve the greatest number of billing and equipment oversights in the shortest period of time, and with the least amount of organizational interference.

Our telecom audit and analysis services identify and resolve billing discrepancies, provide for detailed inventory management, identify obsolete circuits and technology, and provide the basis for recommended optimization strategies.